quinta-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2015

Don't wait.

Don’t wait for her to go to tell her how special she is. Tell her how much you like the way she touches your hand when you’re distracted and how you play in silence on guessing the song she’s whispering when she forgets that you’re around.
Confess to her how you don’t care about Gods or his superpowers, but that you freeze every time she assumes that authority look when talking about religion. Leave your fears behind and tell her you want to introduce her to your family. Tell her she’ll love your aunts and uncles, that they’ll show her all the scratch books from when you were little.

Don’t wait for her to leave to tell her how beautiful she is. Do you know those nights when she wears a dress and puts red lipstick on her perfect lips? That is the perfect moment. Even though you have the same feeling when she’s just wearing a pony tail and sweat pants, cussing while she checks her emails. It’s just, she’ll never admit, but all that organizing was just for you. And, believe that she takes care of those small details even knowing you probably won’t notice it. She won’t even notice the way other people look at you when you leave the house. It’s because when she’s holding hands with you, everything else loses interest, and when you’re not there, she wishes the whole time that you were. It only takes a long look in her eyes to know that she’s yours. Don’t wait for her to go to realize that either.

Don’t wait for her to go to understand that she needs care. It’s because under that iron mask there’s a soft, caring heart. And that she’ll fall in love again every time she gets a call, a sudden surprise, a kiss without warning. She’ll remember the most beautiful love declarations you've ever made, but she will also not forget the ones that hurt her. Learn how to take a deep breath and shape the words before you talk. Even during fights, you won’t want to her to cry due to your insensibility. Because when that happens, she’ll think you’re just like the others.

Don’t let her go, just because she’s one of those who when decides to leave, doesn't look back. It will be effortless to send her flowers or letters, make promises or acts of craziness, talk about love or changing. She knows it’s not easy, but she knows that path by heart.

Don’t let her go just so you know how empty your life would be without her. You know there’s people out there like her, some even more attractive than she is, maybe. But you also know that no other skin feels like hers, and that it’s in her lips where you feel the taste of being home. You know you could forget about all this for just a night of adventure in someone else’s arms. But the next day you wouldn't wake up with her kisses, with a boring look on her face while waiting for you to wake up so she can start playing with you under the blankets and makes the day start with laughs the neighbors could hear. There wouldn't be this feeling of staying in bed the whole day hugging each other.

So, don’t wait for her to go to finally tell her you want her to stay. And that that bottle of wine is just another motive to convince her. And that you think it’s sexy to see her walking around the house naked or with just a jersey of your favorite team on. Tell her she can use the empty space in your closet and bathroom and that you don’t mind watching shows that are not you’re interested in.

Make her read in your eyes that love won’t make her leave. Love always embraces and asks for a little more, because it knows the difference it makes in every minute. Love makes it all worth it for the risks you might take. Love cares and makes you compromise. Love asks. Love stays.

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